The Rebel

Her parents would never have guessed that the red bearded Santa in kindergarten and the art lessons at the “Y” in junior high would have lead to this. She graduated from the University of Memphis in 1977 with a major addiction to art and a minor one to art education. After moving to Atlanta in 1983, with her family, she  advanced as both  artist and art teacher. As an artist she  achieved awards in  national, international and local juried competitions. Her work has graced the walls of universities , art museums and private collectors. Her work has  aired on TV on numerous occasions.  Her  Anita’s ArtsCool founded in 1998, was recognized as one of the “crown jewels of Buford,(Georgia).” (Gwinnett Daily Post)


Her passion is traveling and painting solo in  different countries :South Africa, Italy, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Australia  ..Where next? These resulted in  series that sing “Celebrate the Differences”.Many of her pieces were done on site in different countries.Such a wide scope of wonderful experiences for anyone!


She has drawn,painted while sitting  on the ground next to  cathedrals and lemon trees in Italy.She painted in the presence of  a  glowing sunset  in South Africa and combined it with  nearby  mysterious ancient rock art  .She painted the emotional  responses witnessed  in the faces of pilgrims doing penance in Panama .She painted a  life size diptyct of   a little girl in Equador  confronted by an iguana longer than she was tall!! .


Her latest honor was to reside in Beverley, Australia for a month  as their first international artist in residence.


Patrons connect with her crazy real life stories that inspire her art. Many can't wait to bring a piece of her international adventures into their home or business to  inspire them to reach for adventure as well.

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